Players presentation:

Yasmin (the Giant killer): great instinct, quick… She’s lethal

Diana (Lady Didi): Elegant and incredibile lecturer of the game… She can read your mind

Sole (the princess): precise and Smart… She know what she wants

Lotti (the Red Explosion): powerful and technical all together… The ultimate weapon

Giulia (the atomic ant): quick feet and thoughts… An incredible oponent

Dado (the Tiger): First he hits then he thinks, quicker than himself!

Pietro (the Napolitan Bull): heavy and outgoing… The unexpected

Tobia (Gitoni2): Smart and great fighting spirit… Great latent potential

Matteo (the Blonde Warrior): Fast and quick, he knows how to hurt

Thomas (the young Lion): precise and persistent… He starting to bite, watch out!!

Mattia (the Italian Lion): Precise, Heavy… No hope for his opononent

Davide (the Philosopher): smart and elastic… He invents greats solutions